Brighten up your healthy days
with plant power

Feel the power and gentleness of organic plants on your skin.

It is colored with the delicate gloss of the earth’s minerals.

Naturaglacé is both a makeup product and a skin care product.

That’s why we use only 100% naturally-derived raw material.

I’m wearing makeup, but it feels light and comfortable.

Just by applying makeup, your skin and expression will shine.

A luster of happiness for every day.

The brand name is a coined word from “natural” and “glace”.

The products of Naturaglace are Based on the concept of color your days healthily with the power of plants.
We hope to be able to add a touch of glow to your everyday life, and we take great care in creating our products.
Utilizing the original self
to draw the beauty of your own
Anyone can find their beauty using the product

We have expressed in our products
"Color your days healthily with the power of plants."

For the container, we chose the color of the earth that supports the plant for the container.

The compact is used as a palette, and the colorful bulk in It is paints of the bounty of plants.

The cosmetic box expresses the idea of coloring your days with the blessings of these plants.

The touch of watercolor is beautiful in that the colors overlap and show through.

This expression is connected to naturaglace’s make up goal of “making the most of bare skin”.
It also represents the “freshness” of skin made up with naturaglace.