About Chant a Charm

My First Organic

Moisture-filled daily organic

All Chant a Charm products are 100% naturally derived.※1
This is a domestic organic skincare product that enables you to feel the life force of plants that endure harsh environments and grow healthy.

Skin feels tight after cleansing, pores become more noticeable, and the skin becomes flaky during the day.
Makeup has come off and skin becomes dull in the evening.※2
For anxious people who feel a little discomfort caused by the skin’s ability to retain moisture.

Located in the sun-drenched hills of Yamanashi Prefecture,
We use pesticide-free herb※3extracts carefully cultivated on our own farm, and NMF amino acids and plant ceramide of natural origin,and mineral-rich hot spring water from the North Alps.※4
The natural blessings and moisture in this product will help to fill the dryness of your skin.
By integrally managing our own farms, laboratories, and factories, we have made it easy for customers to continue using organic products, which tends to be expensive.

In addition, we had passed a ‘sensitive skin patch test’※5.
Chant a Charm brings consumers closer to organic.

My First Organic
※1 Only natural, naturally occurring, and mineral-derived ingredients as defined by ISO 16128-1 are used.
※2 Due to old keratin
※3 We do not use chemical pesticides and grow our plants in accordance with the allowable pesticides in the organic JAS regulations.
※4 Amino acids [serine, proline] (moisturising, skin conditioning), vegetable ceramides [comenucasphingolipids] (moisturising, preventing rough skin), North Alps hot spring water (moisturising, skin conditioning).
※5 Basic care is performed only for Moist Washing Foam, Moist Lotion, and Moist Milk. (Not all people will experience skin irritation.)

The aim is the skin enables retain the water by itself.

Skin with a properly functioning cycle and the ability to retain moisture.
Chant a Charm has named this power of the skin “self-supporting water retention power”.
Skin with “self-supporting water retention power” is less prone to fluctuations and healthier. Natural-derived ingredients and daily total skincare provide a moisturising, self-supporting and supple skin.